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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

fast kine boys. i hope everyone enjoys this site. visit all the time and comment. stupid comments or what ever. i just think its cool to know everyones alive and well. im trying hard to finish off this semester and hope for Ds or better. i will be thrilled when school comes to an end. baby jake and baby zion are great kids. i couldnt have asked for better kids. supper chill and a huge blessing for me and mandy. mandy stays home and i try to take care of biz so she can stay home with my little buddies. shes a pro and she has her hands full. i have a million projects on my mind and they dont slow me down i just wish i could do them all right now! i am slowly checking all my projects off the list and coming up soon yall i will be recording my new album in mid december. i am actually puting money into this one and more then four hours so this might actually be worth having. it will be part of my jake and mandy are moving and going to grad school fund but best case senerio (how ever you going spell that) i want to keep giging and recording at small kine random places and mabye just mabye i might amount to something one day. dreams! keep striving for your dreams boys. i think that is the main reason we are apart but that is the best reason to be apart to. ofa lahi atu. till next posting.


Blogger hynpoloboy said...

props to you jake!

I like the t-shirt design. "JLT" (jack lord tough)


2:23 PM  
Blogger John and Lindsey said...

sounds like you're working hard for your family- good luck with the recording. hopefully we'll all benefit from each other's talents someday- can't wait for your next CD.

we need to get together again. i haven't seen pics of baby zion yet!

2:35 PM  

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