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Saturday, December 03, 2005

THIS JUST IN!!! Kahuku high school 2005 state champions. the red raiders take the punahou panties 28-21. kahuku was down for most of the game. scored 12 in the second quarter and the 16 in the last 10 mins of the fourth to come back and show the rich town kids who represents this rock we call an island. had some big katooshes and some little ones to. the reffs like always made some juice calls but we kept on pushing. i lost my voice and now am just basking in the ambiance of victory, it tuff being a fan, hahaha. punahou should have lost 28-14 because they had a 1 yard play at the goal line that i know got stopped and so did the crowed but the payed reffs let it count. the mighty red raiders prevail again. dope sick trigah.

the line

war! its what it felt like.

the stadium of pain. hahahaha.good times

does anyone remember that saint louis game in 99 that the drunk kid with the hickies came and sat by us talking about stabbing and blah blah... crack heads! no this year. just rich asians in white t-shirts.

the after party. yall know how it is. from kaneohe all the way home people were honking and screaming.

who would have thought a little island would treat a game of football like this. only on the north shore.

and you know we goin do it again!!!raiders 4 life. ha ha ha.


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