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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Okay friends. let me tell you what i did over the break. while link was showing his muscles off to the mexicans and while ailona was training for his upcoming flex show...

...i was busy being a couch potatoe. hahahaha.

just playing. my break was actuatly very busy with preping for the upcoming art show in june. thats right. im getting it done 6 months ahead. you know how i like to do things. john was cool enough to lend me some of his time and skill (which he always does. thank you) other then that i got a lego set for christmas i just cant stop playing with. lol. life is good. i just wanted to post something and try to make everyone smile. aloha.

ps: dont hate me for making these pictures casue i think link is just about as buff as this guy and ailona, you know you one sexy buggah! hahahaha. and you know i had to dis on myself to make it even. love you guys.good times, good times.

Monday, January 09, 2006


Christmas was sweet. I'll recap it as briefly as possible.

First we took a nice relaxing 11 hour drive to Davis, California (Erins home town) where we mainly hungout and went Christmas shopping.

Then we took another nice relaxing drive, this one was only 8 hours (You can imagine how disappointed I was being from Hawaii and all) to San Diego, Califonia where Erin's grandparents live. We were only there for one day so we didn't do much; although we did was Narina - awesome.

Then off to Mexico. Well, actually we decided to take a quick trip to hell and back then go to Mexico. That's right my friends we flew on Mexicana Airlines which might I add is owned and operated by the devil himself. Anyways, so we went to Mazatlan, Mexico - I think I'm in love. We relaxed on the beach, ate fine Mexican food, rented 4 wheels for an hour (we cruised up and down the beach, through a coconut tree plantation, and saw a crocodile in a mans yard), convinced some locals to fight their roosters for us, went parasailing, etc, etc, etc.

After Mexico we spent a few more days in San Diego. It was one of the lowest tides of the year there so we went and hung out on some tide pools. Check out this crab I caught. Anyways then we drove 11 hours back to Utah.


Disclaimer: Any misspellings or grammatical errors are not my fault but are actually the result of technological imperfections. Anything sweet or cool I did on purpose.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

heres a my first sample of this kine photo im trying to work out. niffty kine. watch out adam and aaron jakes gota a musical twin too. hahahahaha.