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Sunday, December 18, 2005

finals all pau! that was one crazy semester. i think i did okay. i might have to retake biology. lol. its all good. time for a little rnr and tlc. im gona focus on my album and art show now. music and art. thats me. zion and jakey are growing fast. jakey can say "whats up fool?" thats my boy! he has so much energy and loves anything scary. most the time anyways. zion is one month old now and his neck is getting stronger and so he is starting to look around. still crossing his eyes when he focuses to hard. cute. mandy is being a great mom and happy that i have a break from school to help out more. family man jake. its so fun. so all is well for the holidays.
i was thinking about a song about friends and was wondering if everyone could get creative and try to write a poem about friends and email it to me. i dont want to tell you how to do it or how long. just type. corny or for real, i ll take what i can use from them. email it to me at

tell a friend about the blog yall.


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