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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

i got a 92 out of 100 today on my tongan final. i didnt think i could do it but low and behold its been doned. hahahaha. i heard hala is going to be coming to hawaii for christmas. anyone else? i need to know who im buying presents for. SIKE! hahahaha. merry christmas everone and to all a f;alskdjflakj.

oh yeah. i was remenisaling today about that time we almost beat up that filipino guy at the jack in the box drive threw. remember that one boys. i think gusto, hala, link and lona were there? lona was hiding around the corner cracking up while we were snapping at the dude over the counter. hahahahaha. good times. we got free food cupons later on from jack headquarters. LOL.


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